Season 35

Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers (2017)

18 contestants will be divided into three teams of six each based upon how they are perceived by others. Heroes are used to being heralded for their achievement. Healers receive gratitude for their work. Hustlers must earn respect from others. The contestants will compete in challenges in order to o (...)

Season 34

Game Changers (2017)

Over 17 years and 33 seasons the game of Survivor has evolved, and these are 20 players that changed the game. This is Survivor Game Changers, featuring returning castaways who helped evolve the game even further by launching an accelerated level of competition and proven willingness to risk it all (...)

Season 33

Millennials vs. Gen X (2016)

Fiji is one of the most stunning places in the world, with crystal clear waters, diverse and dangerous wildlife, and hundreds of breathtaking islands. This will be the battleground for a Survivor culture war. 20 Americans will be divided into two tribes: the Millennials, ranging in age from 18 to 31 (...)

Season 32

Kaoh Rong (2016)

The waters of Kaoh Rong in Southeast Asia are a beautiful but formidable part of the world. Scorching temperatures and stifling humidity punish the body. Dehydration and heat stroke can bring down even the strongest. The smallest cut can lead to a life threatening infection, and if they last long en (...)

Season 31

Cambodia (2015)

For the first time ever, Survivor has been turned over to the fans. 20 former players who have played only once were selected by a nation-wide audience vote, and they're being given a second chance to finish what they've started. They've traveled to Cambodia, a country with its own stunning humbling (...)

Season 30

Worlds Apart (2015)

18 Americans have been divided into three tribes based on their occupation and approach to life. The White Collar tribe - they're use to being in charge and calling the shots to get what they want. The Blue Collar tribe - they're used to hard work and physical labor and aren't afraid to get their h (...)

Season 29

San Juan del Sur (2014)

The first Survivor - Blood vs Water pitted loved ones against each other, testing the core of human emotion in a way we've never experienced before. It was so compelling, we're doing it again. 9 pairs of loved ones have been dropped in the jungles of Nicaragua to begin the adventure of a lifetime. T (...)

Season 28

Cagayan (2014)

18 Americans have been divided into three groups that represent the qualities they most rely on in their daily lives. The Brain tribe, an average IQ of 130, this group utilizes their intellect to accomplish their goals. The Beauty tribe, who relies on their looks to get what they want. The Brawn tri (...)

Season 27

Blood vs. Water (2013)

Featuring 10 pairs of castaways, each pair is one returning player and their loved one. What they don't know is they won't be playing together; they'll be competing against each other. It's Survivor Blood vs Water. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. 39 days, 20 peopl (...)

Season 26

Caramoan (2013)

Set in the stunning paradise and dangerous wilderness of the Caramoan Islands, 10 Americans have one thing in common; they are all fans of Survivor. Their competition - 10 favorite Survivors from past seasons. What will happen when these explosive personalities collide? It is the ultimate challenge, (...)

Season 25

Philippines (2012)

In one of the most beautiful and remote locations in the world, the Philippines, thousands of islands are scattered over the Southeast Asian Sea. It is here where 15 Americans are divided into three tribes. Over 24 seasons, many of those who started the game were unable to finish, pulled from the ga (...)

Season 24

One World (2012)

In a remote Polynesian island, 18 Americans are in for the adventure of a lifetime. They think they've got survivor figured out. They think they know the rules. They think they've seen everything, but they're in for a huge surprise. What they don't know is that this season they'll be divided into tw (...)

Season 23

South Pacific (2011)

In the raging waters of the South Pacific, two of Survivor's most memorable players, Ozzy and Coach, are returning for a shot at redemption. Their battle will begin in the Redemption Island Arena where they'll be competing against each other and a new group of castaways, each with their own story to (...)

Season 22

Redemption Island (2011)

In the Pacific Ocean off of Central America, 18 Americans are in for the adventure of a lifetime. For the first time ever, castaways who have been eliminated from the game will have an opportunity to seek redemption and return for a chance to win the million dollar prize. This is Survivor Redemption (...)

Season 21

Nicaragua (2010)

This is Nicaragua - remote, mysterious, dangerous. Straddled between the raging waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it's where ancient rainforests battle for survival against some of the world's youngest and most active volcanoes. This this rugged land has resisted taming since the da (...)

Season 20

Heroes vs. Villains (2010)

Over the past 10 years survivor has traveled to the most desolate, dangerous and most exotic places in the world. Over 300 people have tested themselves for the most difficult and groundbreaking show on television. We have gathered 20 of them to play one more time. From brutal tribal warfare, to the (...)

Season 19

Samoa (2009)

Deep in the heart of the South Pacific lies one of the most mysterious and isolated islands in the world, Samoa - a land of steep volcanic mountains, towering waterfalls, fierce rainstorms, rugged coastlines, virtually untouched by civilizations. Here's where 20 Americans are beginning the adventure (...)

Season 18

Tocantins (2009)

For 16 Americans, their adventure will play out in one of the most deserted and unforgiving sections of Brazil - Tocantins. Temperatures in this high desert are brutal, and can top 120 degrees; and sudden storms can ignite dangerous wildfires in an instant. This vast region covers over 100 thousand (...)

Season 17

Gabon (2008)

This is Gabon, one of the last untouched places on the planet. 18 Americans have been flown across the world and brought here in the wild with nothing but their street clothes. They're being led to one of the most remote places in Africa. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar (...)

Season 16

Micronesia (2008)

The beautiful islands of Micronesia are home to crystal clear waters, magnificent coral reefs, and one of the more stunning collections of underwater sea life in the world. This is where 10 Americans are in for the adventure of a lifetime. They share only one thing in common - they are all fans of S (...)

Season 15

China (2007)

16 strangers are being transported back in time, and will experience a culture that dates back nearly 5000 years. Their adventure will play out in a remote section of China where they will live on the Lake of a Thousand Islands, a hard and remote land that will challenge even the strongest of Surviv (...)

Season 14

Fiji (2007)

The sunny water of the Fiji Islands is a place once known for its cannibalism, uncharted reefs and formidable warriors. These islands are home to spectacular sea life and lush jagged terrain. 19 strangers that represent an extreme cross section of America have been given absolutely no information. T (...)

Season 13

Cook Islands (2006)

In the remote waters of the South Pacific lay the Cook Islands, where 20 strangers have volunteered to be marooned for the next 39 days. They have been divided into four very unique tribes - Asian Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and African Americans. It is a social experiment like never before. In (...)

Season 12

Panama (2006)

Off the coast of Panama is a remote island that will play a dramatic role in the lives of 16 Survivors over the next 39 days. This is Exile Island. Each week at least one Survivor will be banished here. Separated from their tribe, they'll have no idea what's going on back at camp and they'll be forc (...)

Season 11

Guatemala (2005)

Hidden deep in the jungle of Northern Guatemala are ruins that are thousands of years old. These ruins are a monument to a once powerful and sophisticated civilization, the Maya. The Maya culture thrived, and then, mysteriously vanished. Today these jungles are home to exotic and dangerous wildlife. (...)

Season 10

Palau (2005)

A remote and absolutely breathtaking section of the Pacific is home to one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world: the Isle of Paradise of Palau. It is a unique landscape featuring hundreds of lush islands, magnificent coral reefs, and an underwater sanctuary of sea life like no other. (...)

Season 9

Vanuatu (2004)

The island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific is home to 9 active volcanoes. It is a land with a fascinating history of cannibalism, where rituals like sorcery and black magic are still a part of daily life. It is here that 18 Americans are about to begin an adventure of a lifetime. In the end, (...)

Season 8

All Stars (2004)

Returning to the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama is the greatest Survivor yet. 18 former castaways are returning to play the ultimate game one more time. These are the Survivor All-Stars. They say they're the best of the best. It's time to prove it. Have they learned from their (...)

Season 7

Pearl Islands (2003)

Off the coast of Panama is a remote location in the Pacific water of Central America - the Pearl Islands, a land with a bloody history of looting and piracy. The jungles, which were the perfect hideout for these pirates, are rugged and temperamental. The waters here are home to some of the most magn (...)

Season 6

The Amazon (2003)

Up river in the Rio Negro in northern Brazil, where the temperature is a scorching 103 degrees, 16 Americans are set to begin the adventure of a lifetime - abandoned in the middle of the largest and most magnificent tropical rainforest in the world, the Amazon. For much of the season, the Amazon is (...)

Season 5

Thailand (2002)

In the heart of the ancient orient off the coast of southern Thailand, Ko Tarutao Island is a beautiful but dangerous jungle which was once a haven for pirates. Home to exotic and deadly wildlife, it is also the monsoon season, and the island is certain to be pummeled by frequent tropical storms. Fo (...)

Season 4

Marquesas (2002)

In the very rough waters of the South Pacific, 16 Americans are about to be abandoned in the middle of the Marquesas. But this time the game is different - these Survivors will be given no food, and absolutely no rations. Each tribe will leave with just the barest of essentials. They'll be left to f (...)

Season 3

Africa (2001)

Along the equator through the scorching desert of Kenya in Eastern Africa is where these 16 Americans are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime. They are about to be abandoned in the heart of one of the most diverse and dangerous collection of animals anywhere on the continent. Temperatures can (...)

Season 2

The Australian Outback (2001)

16 Americans are about to be abandoned in the heart of one of the most unforgiving places anywhere on earth: the Australian Outback. For the next 42 days they'll be left to fend for themselves. In the end, one will remain and will claim the million dollar prize. 42 days, 16 people, 1 Survivor! (...)

Season 1

Borneo (2000)

16 Americans are beginning an adventure of a lifetime that will forever change their lives. They have volunteered to be marooned for 39 days on mysterious Borneo, a beautiful but dangerous jungle in the middle of the South China Sea. This is their story. This is Survivor. For the next 39 days, they' (...)