Survivor players are loved by fans for various reasons, and fans have different interpretations to what makes a great player. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 most commonly referenced critical Survivor traits, and SurvivorFan lets you (the fans) rate every contestant by these traits!


A hero is a player that inspires you, and known for playing valiantly and honestly against all odds.


A villain is a player loved for being hated, and known for their acts of manipulation and deception. They can be in the shadows using schemes and tricks, or be up front with intimidation and chaos.


A strategist sees Survivor as a game and other people as game pieces. They are often the mastermind behind game changing moves, always planning one step ahead of others.

A social player is great at building relationships and getting to know others. They are effective at developing alliances and gathering crucial information.


A challenge player has the ability to dominate challenges, helping rally the team before the merge or as an individual in late game. They are known for both their physical and mental toughness and determination.


A brain is an intelligent player who uses logical critical thinking to solve complex situations and puzzles.


A player with brawn has tremendous athletic and physical ability, often using their brute strength and stamina to thrive in camp life and physical challenges.


A beauty player can be considered beautiful aesthetically or on the inside. They often use their sex appeal and charisma to gain favor with other contestants.